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What is it?


Spiritual Treatment is a therapeutical tool to be combined with appropriate medical and/or psychological therapy We welcome you to our fraternal service and spiritual treatment services. We are honored to serve you. We understand that you may be going through a difficult moment in your life. Perhaps a family member has disappointed you or an unexpected situation threatens your plans. Please, friend, rest assured that the Broward Spiritist Society is here to help you navigate these difficult waters. Although, in most instances, we cannot remove the rocks of your path, you will find it easier to walk it holding the hands of friends than alone. Our hope is to be this friend and to offer you a steady and trusty hand during your journey in this lifetime.

How: The Broward Spiritist Society does not charge, either directly or indirectly, for the fraternal service/spiritual treatment. We believe that God has never charged us for any of His blessings, therefore we also do not charge for the spiritual help that we offer you. 
 Before you receive the spiritual treatment, we offer you the opportunity to go through fraternal talk sessions. Trained Spiritist volunteers will speak with you about what you are going through and advise you on solutions for your inner transformation and treatment.

Absentee Spiritual Healing This is the type of treatment that is carried out without the patient being present in the Spiritist center. There are instances in which a patient is physically unable to come to the spiritual treatment session because of distance involved or the patient is bed- ridden. Sometimes it may be the case of someone who is in dire need but he/she does not believe in Spiritism or in any other belief. Therefore, Absentee Treatment makes it possible to be of assistance to anyone in either physical or spiritual need.

Lembramos que os procedimentos relacionados com o Absentee Spiritual Treatment não tem nenhuma relação com a Medicina, Curas Médicas ou quaisquer práticas da Medicina Convencional. Os procedimentos relacionados com o Absentee Spiritual Treatment se referem exclusivamente a cura espiritual em sentido Holístico ou Divino onde o bem-estar energético e espiritual determinam as condições de harmonização do paciente. Não recomendamos a interrupção de nenhum tipo de tratamento médico.



É necessário a presença assídua do paciente ou do referente por 5 semanas no Atendimento Fraterno para que possa entrar na lista.

  O Atendimento Fraterno acontece todas as Quintas Feiras às 19:00 horas  


Para maiores informações entrar em contato com LUANA SANTANA  (Coordenador/Responsável

Email : lua_santana@hotmail.com

Phone:   561-504-9374

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